Brighten Up Your Home

Your Christmas lights and decorations have been taken down, the days are short, you really have a need to brighten up the house.

It is too early to spring clean as the weather isn’t good enough to open the windows and getting everything out on the washing line, but there are some jobs that will brighten up the house and lift your mood ahead of spring.

1)      Picture frames – take down all your frames and clean the cobwebs from behind them; dust the frame with a damp cloth and clean the glass with a window cleaner – it is amazing the layer of grime you can remove.

2)      Clean ornaments – wash porcelain ornaments in warm water and washing up liquid, clean any silver or silver-plated ornaments with a specialist cleaner, take a damp cloth to any wooden ornaments.

3)      Sort out the food cupboard – you will probably have loads of food you got in for Christmas and haven’t eaten. Check use by dates and make sure you eat them up in time. Clear out old jars and packets. Make space for any new food you might be trying this year.

4)      Clean the ‘fridge – you really do need to either eat or dispose of Christmas food still in the refrigerator quickly – and leave space for all those healthy foods that I know you are going to buy soon!

5)      Clean out the cutlery draw – take everything out of the drawer and wash the cutlery tray, clean any tarnished cutlery and throw out anything that’s not used.

6)      Dust light shades and bulbs – you will get so much more light in the room with those clean.

7)      Look out your vases and wash them – daffodils are already in the shops and, in my opinion, they are the single best way to brighten up the house.


 These are a few simple things you can do, but if your New Year’s Resolution really is to get a cleaner and organised home take a look at the January Cure  – some great ideas.

If you find it all a bit daunting call me on 07530 103207 for some practical cleaning help.


Happy New Year

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