Deep Cleaning in the Workplace

Every work place should have a deep-clean included as a regular part of their cleaning regime. For an office or retail unit once a year is probably enough, but for industrial units and catering/hospitality it should be done on a more regular basis.

A deep clean compliments your daily cleaning routine and can be scheduled for when your business is quieter. January and February are ideal times for most restaurants and retail units as they have been busy over Christmas and may now be seeing a lull in trade.

A deep clean reaches places that the regular clean doesn’t. In a deep clean you clean behind and underneath all the appliances, you clean out the ventilation system and de-grease walls and high shelves that can be overlooked in the daily clean.

 All the work surfaces and floor are scrubbed, fixtures and fittings are all cleaned and crockery and cutlery should all be removed from the cupboards and drawers to be washed.

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A regular deep clean is vital in kitchens as it helps ensure the establishment complies with Food Hygiene Standards. But deep cleans also motivate staff to continue a good cleaning regime and it also prevents the spread of bugs among staff in any workplace.

 It is a big job to undertake and it is worth getting a specialist cleaning company to assist. A specialist company have the right equipment and chemicals to complete the clean. You will probably also have to close for business during the clean, so employing a company means you will reduce the time that you are closed.

 Squeaky Clean are available for either one-off deep cleans or as part of a more regular routine. We charge £13 per hour and are currently offering an hour free cleaning for new contracts.

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