How to: Spring Clean Your Office

 We are fast approaching the end of the financial year and businesses are busy getting their books in order and completing paper work. But with this year-end it is also an opportunity to make some resolutions for cleaning and organising the office – starting with a good spring clean.

Clutter in the office decreases productivity, a study in the USA indicated that 47% of people lose time from a disorganised or messy office, 16% were late for meetings and 14% missed deadlines.

Even if you have an office cleaner a larger spring clean is necessary – this is because your cleaner will only wipe down empty spaces, they will not tidy away papers or sort out the drawer.

So, this is what you need to do:

  1. Schedule time to do the spring clean – whether you are a sole trader or have a large office you probably think that you’ll sort it when there is time. Set a date now and tell all the staff that they will be able to wear casual clothes to help with the clean.
  2. Prepare for the spring clean – make sure you have a shredder, storage boxes, bin bags, recycling bins and cleaning equipment.
  3. On the day – turn up the music and order in a pizzas for lunch
  4. Cull old files, papers and magazines. Remember to shred documents like bank statements and personal records. In some industries e.g. finance records have to be kept for a statutory amount of time. Sort out the records on date basis and box them up in date-labelled storage boxes.
  5. Be ruthless – ask if you have used it in the last month and if not whether it is seasonal. If “no” to both, get rid.
  6. Recycle those old monitors and keyboards that you were storing.
  7. Take everything off the desk and clean the entire desk space.
  8. When you replace everything on to the desk, store things like pens, staplers, paper clips etc in the drawer.
  9. Clean your monitor and keyboard
  10. Have some New (Financial) Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions might include:

  • File every week
  • Reduce the amount of printing you do
  • Set up a Contact Management system for storing a sharing files and tasks
  • Introducing house plants to the office
  • Going paper free and using things like magic whiteboards for post it notes.


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