How to: Store Winter Clothes

Summer is on its way and there is no need for your jumpers and winter coats. It’s important to store your winter clothes correctly ready for next winter’s chill.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your house/flat to store your warm clothes, these tips can be great help.

1. Prepare Before You Store
Now is the perfect time to really clean the cupboard you are currently using and the  area you’ll be using for storage. First, empty the entire cupboard. Clean and vacuum it to remove dust, dirt and insects. If you suspect mould, mildew or insect infestation, take steps to kill the mould and do some pest control.

2. Storing away
If you are using fabric bags for storge, give them a quick wash to remove all dust and spores

Store the clothing in a cool, even-temperature,that is well-ventilated and away from artificial or natural light. Under the bed is a good location – especially in guest rooms. Avoid attics, damp basements and garages.

For smaller or lightweight items, a clean, disinfected plastic container will do the trick. Cardboard boxes are too porous to prevent water seepage and pest infestations, so should be avoided.

3. Vacuum packing
If you don’t have a lot of room in your house/flat to store your warm clothes, vacuum pack bags can come in handy as they take out all of the air particles.

4. Clear Out
Sell clothes that you haven’t worn, which generates more room and a bit of money, alternatively put them in the charity bag.

5. Air freshener
Leave an air freshener or lavender bag in with the clothes so when you pull out your clothes at winter time it all smell nice.

You’ll be glad you took some time now to store winter clothes correctly when that first cold day hits us in the autumn.

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