Mould Prevention

If you are suffering headaches, feeling sick or lethargic it might not be winter blues it might be mould in your home. A whopping 1 in 5 homes suffers from mould – that black stuff that gathers round your windows and shower. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can cause the above symptoms

This time of the year is when mould really thrives because we have turned up the heating and shut the windows to keep warm: perfect conditions for mould.

But it is easy to prevent. Here are my top tips:

1)      Reduce the temperature by setting the thermostat under 24 degrees C.

2)      Wipe down window sills and other moist surfaces daily

3)      Use a de-humidifier to reduce moisture in the air

4)      Close doors – stop the moist air (and mould spores) moving from the bathroom and kitchen to other rooms.

5)      Open windows – even though it is cold, opening windows in the bathroom and kitchen after use really helps and use extractor fans where possible

6)      Reduce clutter – mould thrives on organic material such as newspaper

7)      Place wardrobes and furniture against internal walls – condensation builds on the cold external walls so this safeguards clothes and books

8)      Open the curtains – mould loves dark spaces, so as the days lengthen make the most of it!

9)      Don’t dust or vacuum mould you find – this just spreads the spores around and can cause more health problems

10)  Use mildew reducing cleaners in the bathroom.

If you have got a build up mould in your house, my favourite mould cleaner is Dettol mould and mildew cleaner. If you don’t want to get the marigolds on and do it yourself or you are a landlord with the problem in your properties, contact me.


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