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I have been writing my cleaning blog weekly now for just over a year, either here on my own website or on the Safety Net Yorkshire blog, so I thought this week I would do a little review of some of my favourite blogs.

These are the posts that tell you the most about what Squeaky Clean does, offers you some cleanliness tips and provides you with some free downloads too. I have split my top 10 into 3 categories: household cleaning tips, Office cleaning tips and Landlord tips.

So, at numbers 10 and 9 we have:

10. Cleaning for Landlords and Students this blog was first posted in June 2013 and details the deep-clean service we offer at the end of tenancy for landlords, but also how a cleaner can be useful to students in ensuring they receive their deposit back.

9. Does Your Holiday Let Meet the Grade First posted in April, just prior to the holiday season, this blog talks about the different levels of service we offer to holiday let landlords, from a basic change-over clean to a meet and greet service.

In true count down style our next four blogs deal with office cleaning:

At 8 we have Keep those Keys Clean, originally posted on the Safety net site, this blog is a reminder of just how dirty your computer keyboard is and how to do something about it.

7. Preventing Contamination with Colour Coding We specialise in cleaning clinical areas, such as dental surgeries and veterinary practices and this blog tells you how we prevent cross-contamination.

6. Cutting Corners and Missing Mess This blog provides a list of things that could be on your office cleaning schedule.

5. The Pros & Cons of an office Cleaner Not sure whether to employ a contract cleaning company or do the cleaning yourself. This blog weighs up the advantages and disadvantages.

The final four blogs all deal with  household cleaning services

4. The Clean Dozen gives a list of twelve essential cleaning items that a student should have when they go off to Uni. Equally applicable for when children leave home it comes with a handy downloadable list.student shopping list

3. Sit Back and Relax My list of what you need to do  cleaning-wise to prepare for a holiday, making that busy time easier to handle, with another download too.  pre-holiday checklist

2. Cleanliness is Key in Common Cold Prevention A reminder of the best ways to reduce the risk of catching colds

1. Is Your Home Making You Sick? After a damp but warm winter, many of you are probably having problems with mildew. This is my summary of how to prevent mildew building up in the home.

If you find these blogs useful , please have a look at some of my other articles, offering seasonal tips on all things cleaning.


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